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many vintage littlest pet shop
Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:32

i've a whole bunch of these toys. i just kept them in the attic now for so long, because i never thought someone was acctualy collection these. and they are to cute to throw away.

but maybe someone is interested? (but i have to tell you, i live in the netherlands so the shipping costs might be a little higher, have to check that)

all my sets are complete, but i played with it. i have to look it up, but i think i broke one of my parrots and a door of the jungle cage. but i will put those details later on if someone is interested.

here is (from what i remember, but i have to look thing up) what i have:

marching mice with magic maze
cutesy kittens with kitty playhouse
toddling turtles on paradise island
puppy pals with playhouse
magic monkeys and the treehouse
jogging gerbils with gerbiltrail
mommy and baby bunnies
racing lizard with desert den
chripy tree friends with woodsy home
chripy birds with nesting home
zoo jungle bunch ( i think i broke the door of the fench)
zoo polar pets
zoo desert parakeet with cactus home (i think i broke here one feet)
zoo honey bear with cozy cave

you can mail me if you are interested.

    • Littlest Pet ShopDaisy, Fri Jul 27 22:44
      Hello, Please contact me if you still have any of these. Please & thank you, Daisy
    • petshopsgwen, Thu Oct 27 20:23
      Hi, I was wondering if you have any of these petshops left and what you would charge me for all of them with shipping to the USA? Thanks in advance Gwen
      • petshopsilvia, Sun Oct 30 10:04
        Hi gwen i still have all the sets. if you are interested, please send me an email so i can find out what the shipping rate is. many thanks silvia
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