Littlest Pet Shop

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more about pet shop
Sun May 29, 2011 16:53

ok, if you know where the sugar glider with pouch is, or have it your LUCKY!!!!!!!!! i played on lpso, heres two words that describe it... bor-ing! ppl even say i nead a boy/ favorite web site is not about littlest pet shop... its about free realms.... oh and if you play on there... my names amber winterblossom4.jaden if your posting... grrr.. i thought you were a tom boy!

  • i love littlest pet shopchasity, Sun May 29 16:47
    ok i so love these pets! but i'm looking for the sugar glider with pouch! i can not find the dang thing! my favorite littlest pet shop is the white pony with yellow hair, a yellow tail, yellow snout, ... more
    • more about pet shop — chasity, Sun May 29 16:53
      • wow pet shop!wowza.. just kidding chasity, Sun May 29 16:59
        i got one message for you, if your trying to get money for pet shop. ok, 1.clean aroung the house 2.tell her that you cleaned, if she doese not beleive you... her!.
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