Littlest Pet Shop

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Fri Apr 12, 2013 16:10

How fun for you & your daughter! There's a great forum for collectors of vintage Littlest Pet Shop, and it might be helpful in your search for more pieces:

Best of luck!

Take care,

  • WANTED Littlest Pet Shop items 7/28/2012Daisy, Fri Jul 27 23:08
    Please message me if you have vintage (90's style) Littlest Pet Shop items. I am willing to consider almost any condition, as my daughter & I are building our collection... And they will be played... more
    • Kenner LPS Forum — Sarafina, Fri Apr 12 16:10
    • Re: WANTED Littlest Pet Shop items 7/28/2012kmarr085, Sun Sep 9 12:30
      I have a big bag full of vintage, 90's tiny animals. I know I have some Littlest Pet Shops, as well as Puppy in My Pocket. I'll have to look and see what I have.
      • Re: WANTED Littlest Pet Shop items 7/28/2012snowblossum, Sat Apr 6 15:40
        Hi I have some playsets, accessories and pets for sale. I would sell it as a lot or individual pieces if you are still looking.
        • Littlest pet shop Alexis, Wed Aug 14 21:48
          i have a ton of littlest pet shop toys all from about 10 years ago if you are interested email me at
      • YES, we are still looking! (9/26/12)Daisy, Wed Sep 26 22:31
        Thank you for the reply! We are still looking for the old Littlest Pet Shop. :) Did you have a chance to look your things over?
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