Littlest Pet Shop

Sun Nov 17, 2013 14:11

Hi do you have any horses left? I'm also interested in bunnies. If you have an updated list of what you have I may be interested in more please email me back!! my email is

  • I have just gone through matching up whatever G1 LPS I have left that I'm not keeping (I'm just keeping a case filled with my faves), and I'm going to list what I have. I am not certain what exact... more
    • lps for saleAshley, Sat Sep 13 04:05
      Hi, I'm interested in a few sets. Would you ship to Canada? Please email meto let me know. Thanks :)
    • Horses!!! — Alexa, Sun Nov 17 14:11
    • Interested in SetsPBRBTMGN, Thu Mar 14 12:22
      Hello, I am interested in the following sets: Sparkling Pond Pets Kitties chase water lilies COMPLETE $12.00 Chatter Pets ('95) Playful Birds (with enclosed aviary) COMPLETE (four birds total and top ... more
    • piece from pet shop gameAnonymous, Tue Mar 22 21:00
      Do you still have the cream colored kitty piece (with the aqua bow). I'm interested in that piece. Jackie
    • vintage littlest pet shopsjessie Hammonds, Sun Jan 30 16:35
      Hi I am interested in some of your littlest pet shop items and was wondering if I could see some pics. I would like to see the pet prestents toddling turtles,marching mice, and tiny tortises. Thanks
    • littlest pet shopAnonymous, Wed Oct 6 22:23
      Hi this may be a bit late just wondering if you have anything left? If you do have anything left how much for it? Thanks Melissa
    • g1 lps for sale still?savannah, Wed Aug 11 22:06
      Hello, do you still have the sparkling pond pets with the kitties chasing water lillies? I will buy if you have it. Email me!
    • marching micebianca, Mon Jul 19 09:00
      Hi i'm from holland and i'wondering if you still have the the marching mice set from littlest pet shop. Hope i hear from you
    • micetwilight, Mon Jun 21 19:39
      i am
    • Any sets left?Anonymous, Sat Apr 10 09:09
      HI, I was wondering if you have any of these left and if so, how much for the whole lot?
    • Dolly dolphin LPSAnonymous, Mon Feb 22 21:56
      Hi if you still have the dolphin I'm interested in buying. Thanks
    • Turtles and HamstersAmy Lynn, Thu Jul 23 10:57
      Hi ! I am interested in the turtles and hamsters sets that you have. I was wondering if you could email a picture of the set(s) that you have of these. My 2 yr. old son is interested in play pets.... more
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