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Proetect Firearms & Ammunition
Tue Mar 1, 2016 1:12pm

Control Humidity with TranSorb Commercial Humidifier Desiccant Pack.

Humidity is one of the top air quality offendrs and attacks product quality. Unregulated moisture can lead to mold, mildew and corrosive rust- all of which can create damages beyond repair. It develops in enclosed environments subject to fluctuations in temperature such as gun cabinets, ammunition boxes, gear bags, strong boxes, lockers and sheds.

TranSorb high- performing Humidity Absorber lowers dew point to create a drier environment and eliminates moisture-related problems that lead to degradation of firearms and ammunition. TranSorb desiccants will also absorb any pre-existing moisture within areas to be treated.

Simply place the appropriate number of desiccants in your gun and ammuntion locker to maintain ideal relative humidity for 90+days. Made in the USA.

Encapsulates over 1lbs of moisture without dripping. One bag treats 36 cubic feet area (3'x4'x3').

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