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dan naive observer of women
slanted pussy on japanese girls
Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:04pm

I was scheduled to fly off the ship into our first port of Yakuska Japan to take pics of the ship arriving. The boys in the photolab were saying, "you gotta get some pussy but did you know that the japanese girls have slanted pussy!"
I said, "that is such bullshit."
three of them sprang to their feet! You're so stupid, jap girls have slanted pussy!
I insisted, 'YOU'RE FULL OF SHIT"
an airman said, "OK, Lets go ask Borovoy" (PH2 who was working the next compartment).
They drug him into the front office and said, "BOROVOY, which way does Japanese pussy go?"
WIthout saying a word he lifted his hand to about his eye level, made it flat toward the ground and grinned as he moved his hand back and forth."

they all starting dancing around the front office and yelling at me, "SEE, WE TOLD YOU, WE TOLD YOU!"

I still said, "Thats bullshit" but wondered.
(I did clear up that controversy later once ashore in japan. happily married to a chinese girl for 20 years)

  • "TIDDY"? R.G. Wells, OLD Salt, Fri Oct 23 6:11pm
    TIDDY bars ? WHAT damn Candy Assed dumb assed ship were YOU ON? What the hell is a TIDDY? Dumbass, do you mean TITTY ? (As in TITs!) Whew....we older guys have to teach you new guys EVERYTHING ? Ill... more
    • slanted pussy on japanese girls dan naive observer of women, Fri Oct 23 10:04pm
      • YAKUSKA??!!! R.G. Wells, basic speller, Sat Oct 24 9:20am
        Chief Dan, Maybe you should go back to the deck gang. That city is spelled YOKOSUKA! YAKUSKA....BAH HUMBUG !
      • NOT SLANTED, HORIZONTAL R.G. Wells, Observer, Fri Oct 23 10:56pm
        You never could get anything straight. No wonder you were with a Deck Division.
        • you're missing the point, ya drifty shit dan, humbled by your insults, Sat Oct 24 8:51pm
          My point is that the USS Yorktown might have to be scraped because it needs a FIELD DAY like it hasn't had in about 40 years. It is time for us to hold a bake sale and raise the $120,000,000 and fix... more
          • insults and vulgarities. R.G. Wells, (Loveable ol R.G.), Sat Oct 24 9:12pm
            Attorney Dan, It gives me a devious pleasure to "get to" an Attorney. Accept my style of verbal jousting as using broadswords. If I were really serious, Id use a stiletto. But, it IS spelled YOKOSUKA ... more
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