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dan PhotoLab 68 to 70 MAA USS Yorktown
Blue flashbulbs for color film (?) (nm)
Tue Apr 2, 2013 7:55pm

    • Blue bulbs for color film Photo Chief Wells, Tue Apr 2 8:02pm
      Jr Chief Dan....yeah, we all know THAT, but do you know WHY?
      • Flash bulbs produce yellow light, right? (nm) dan~American Patriot since 1949, Tue Apr 2 8:37pm
        • close, but no cigar, Chief! Photo Chief Wells, Tue Apr 2 9:33pm
          Incadescent light bulbs, including clear flash bulbs put out a orange tint on the light. Daylight is mostly blue. There is no difference when using black and white film, but as you believe, with... more
          • Wrong dan~American Patriot since 1949, Tue Apr 2 9:35pm
            Sunlght is 5500 Kelvin. It is not yellow, orange or anything else. It is pure white (by human standards). Martians have a different view of what is "White" light (a lot of red).
            • You are wrong, Jr. Chief Dan Anonymous, Tue Apr 2 9:40pm
              Sunlight is high in BLUE! Incandescent light is high in ORANGE. Kelvin is a way of measuring what color the light is. You covered your ass by saying ...humand standards. The human brain does not... more
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