JoEtta W.
Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:05am

Congratulations, that is wonderful news! If we ever move back home that would be our hospital so I'm glad to know they have done well with Josh. I hope he has an unremarkable recovery and enjoys all the new favors of food. Good luck and welcome to the other side:)

  • Josh was transplantedJennifer McElroy , Mon Mar 11 12:50pm
    Josh was transplanted Friday March 1st. He has done very well and is being dismissed from the hospital today. Bacon is now his favorite food!
    • JoshEileen, Wed Mar 27 11:33am
      That's great! Please give us updates. Don't panic if there are bumps along the way. We're wishing you only good from here on out. Jared's favorite food was sausage for many years after transplant.... more
      • elilenmarta, Fri Mar 29 6:52am
        elien, when was jared transpaled? which urea cycle disorder did he have. i am 43 and have citrullinemia. it is out of control because i end up in the hospital twice a month. i have been on the... more
    • CONGRATULATIONS!Joe Marquez, Tue Mar 12 10:24am
      Jennifer, CONGRATULATIONS ON JOSH RECEIVING THIS GIFT OF A NEW LIFE! Praying the post-transplant road will be at best "a never look back" journey and at worst "extremely manageable." Pizza was... more
    • jennifermarta, Tue Mar 12 7:08am
      hi jennifer, that is great news that josh was transplanted. i am still waiting for a liver.i was just in the hospital with high ammonia again. i got out on aunday. glad to hear that he was... more
    • Josh — JoEtta W., Tue Mar 12 7:05am
    • CongratulationsPete, Tue Mar 12 6:31am
      Congratulations on Josh's transplant. Glad to hear that it is going well. Bacon was the first food Nicole ate after her transplant.
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