Jennifer McElroy
Re: for jennifer
Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:52am

Just like you, Josh's disease was getting uncontrollable. We knew transplant was the only alternative to try to make Josh's health turn around. Transplant is a very scary thing and I can imagine that there is a person who wouldn't feel the same way going into it. Josh has had no complications so far from the transplant and we have been very blessed. I will say that never once was Josh in more pain from the transplant than he was with hyperammonemia. The headaches he got with high ammonia levels were far worse than the pain post transplant from the incision. He is a new kid! He feels good every day, all day long. It's not the roller coaster ride he was on before where he would feel fine then next thing you know we were taking him to the ER. He is happy, clear headed, more focused and eating a healthy diet. The fear of watching Josh deteriorate and doing nothing about it is far worse than the fear of complications from transplant in my opinion. I will pray for your strength and peace of mind throughout your journey!

  • for jennifermarta, Thu Mar 14 7:46am
    jennifer, would you do it over if you had to tranplant him over again? i am scared to be transplanted as an adult. ny citrullinemia keeps getting worse. i go to the hospital once or twice a month... more
    • Re: for jennifer — Jennifer McElroy, Fri Mar 15 10:52am
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