Fri Mar 29, 2013 6:52am

elien, when was jared transpaled? which urea cycle disorder did he have. i am 43 and have citrullinemia. it is out of control because i end up in the hospital twice a month. i have been on the transplant list since october 3rd of last year.i follow the low protien diet and take my night time infusions and still i end up in the hospital. would you have jared transplanted aagain if you had to? what is jared's life now without a urea cycle disorder. marta

  • JoshEileen, Wed Mar 27 11:33am
    That's great! Please give us updates. Don't panic if there are bumps along the way. We're wishing you only good from here on out. Jared's favorite food was sausage for many years after transplant.... more
    • elilen — marta, Fri Mar 29 6:52am
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