for nadia
Mon May 20, 2013 7:18pm

nadia, so has she been hospitalized for her high ammonia? i go into the hosptial once to three times a month with high ammonia. i get tube feeds at night while i sleep of duocal, argenine, soduim benzote, and ammino acids. does your child have a g tube or j tube feeding tube?i use to be able to have ammonia levels in the normal range but now my new normal range is mid 40's to lower 50's. i was just dicharged today from the hospital. this makes it my second hospital stay this month. i too am on the transplant. i was listed october 3rd of last year. i have no life no friend cause i am in the hospital more then i am out. i think if you could get your daughter transplanted that would be a good thing. if there was transplant as an oppion in the 60's my parents would have had me transplanted. marta

  • Re: for nadiaAnonymous, Sun May 19 4:57pm
    Not episode, but her ammonia is staying high
    • for nadia — marta, Mon May 20 7:18pm
      • Re: for nadiaAnonymous, Mon May 20 10:32pm
        Thank you very much Marta. Good luck for everything. Nadia
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