marta's tasplant
Mon Jun 17, 2013 8:08pm

thanks for the post. ye I goy my second change at life on june rni7th. I was back int the hospital yesterday over ngiht because my pain gotte worse and I got burning too and they admitted me with a hig white and also they took a ct scan of my abdomen and notice fluid behind the liver. the inteverntaion redioligst were not conserned about it and are not doing nothing about it cause they don't want to damage my new liver. I cried and cried cause I lost my best friend ctirullinemia. all of a sudden I am on a regular diet and they are telling me that my new liver needs protein how is your son doing being cirtullienmia free? when was you son's liver tranpalnt. marta

  • MARTA'S DREAM CAME TRUE!Joe Marquez, Thu Jun 13 10:53pm
    I am so overjoyed to read that last Friday Marta's dream of a liver that would help resolve her urea cycle disorder was realized. Marta is an inspiration for her perseverance through much suffering... more
    • marta's tasplant — marta, Mon Jun 17 8:08pm
      • marta's TX eileen, Thu Jun 20 6:22am
        Marta, it is so interesting to hear you say that you lost your best friend citrullinemia. Jared only had CPS for 1 year but we were all still a bit in shock when he was allowed to eat anything. We... more
      • Re: marta's tasplantJoe Marquez, Tue Jun 18 4:33pm
        Marta, Sorry to read about the bad pain and the burning. . .hope it has gotten less today. Wow. . .all the sudden on a regular diet. Hopefully a slice of pizza can get your mind off the hurt. Justin... more
    • Marta's dreamEileen, Mon Jun 17 7:02pm
      Best wishes to Marta.
      • martamindy, Tue Jun 18 12:36am
        Marta, we are so happy for you. You continue to be in our prayers and hope all goes well.
        • MartaKelly, Wed Jun 19 3:55pm
          SO happy to hear about your amazing news! Many prayers to your continued success!
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