Joe Marquez
Re: marta's tasplant
Tue Jun 18, 2013 4:33pm

Sorry to read about the bad pain and the burning. . .hope it has gotten less today.

Wow. . .all the sudden on a regular diet. Hopefully a slice of pizza can get your mind off the hurt.

Justin was transplanted 12 years ago and now is 14 years old and growing like a weed. He just got his blue belt in Tae Kwon Do. We had his annual transplant clinic yesterday and we are going to have to adjust his meds because his protein/creatinine ratio is elevated. . .this after 6 years of not having to adjust anything. . .I guess we were due. Sure beats the weekly adjusting that we were during when he had his liver-destroying urea cycle disorder.

  • marta's tasplantmarta, Mon Jun 17 8:08pm
    thanks for the post. ye I goy my second change at life on june rni7th. I was back int the hospital yesterday over ngiht because my pain gotte worse and I got burning too and they admitted me with a... more
    • marta's TX eileen, Thu Jun 20 6:22am
      Marta, it is so interesting to hear you say that you lost your best friend citrullinemia. Jared only had CPS for 1 year but we were all still a bit in shock when he was allowed to eat anything. We... more
    • Re: marta's tasplant — Joe Marquez, Tue Jun 18 4:33pm
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