Joe Marquez
re: in ER throwing up bile
Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:14am

You offer a unique opportunity for us parents to talk to an adult about what going through the transplant experience is like.

I'm very sorry to hear yesterday you had to endure throwing up bile. Do the doctors say this will happen early on after transplant sometimes? Thankful your tests came back good and you have been able to shed those staples.

I don't know if I reported here yet that we had been concerned about the level of protein in Justin's urine but a couple of days ago his transplant coordinator called and said it had gone back to being close to normal. Whew! Thank goodness!

- Joe

  • liver transplantfor joe, Wed Jul 10 10:45am
    hi joe, well they keep increasing my magnsuim all the time in clinic cause it's low but I have had low magnsuim since 2006 and have been on magnsuim since then and even though I am on maggnsium my... more
    • re: in ER throwing up bile — Joe Marquez, Thu Jul 11 9:14am
      • for joemarta, Thu Jul 11 5:28pm
        joe, no they didn't really know the cause of throwing up bile since I had not eaten or drank anything all day. I am in Oregon?where are you at? does your son still see the liver dr's. they keep... more
        • Re: for joeJoe Marquez, Fri Jul 12 9:54am
          Marta. . .I hope they can figure out how to keep you from throwing up bile. We are in Denver. Justin sees his liver doctor once a year. Oh no. . .hope there's a way to make the magnesium more... more
        • martamindy, Fri Jul 12 7:53am
          Hi Marta, What drugs are you on? How much Prograf? What other antirejection drugs? lucky your staples came out quickly, brett was longer. Brett is almost 2 years post transplant. He is doing well... more
          • RE: BrettJoe Marquez, Thu Jul 18 9:02am
            Love reading that Brett is doing well! Amen.
            • thanksmindy, Sat Jul 20 8:57pm
              Thanks Joe, Remember those daily emails of panic? He had such a hard first year post transplant.... between the weekly paras, CMV, prograf toxicity, too many hospital stays it was really hard. I am... more
              • Re: thanksJoe Marquez, Mon Jul 22 11:02am
                I hate that that first year was so rocky. Wonderful to read he is back to work and all activities and weaning meds down! Maybe in awhile he can even get those draws down to every 3 months or so.... more
                • joemindy, Thu Jul 25 3:33pm
                  Thank you. pretty unbelievable that I remember when justin was a baby. We've come a long way!!!
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