Tue Jul 16, 2013 2:00pm

hi there, I am wondering if anybody out there is on a high dose of magnsuim? I am on 12 pills of magnsnsuim spread out through out the day. I have had low magnsuim since 2006 and no matter how much magnsuim is allways low? I am 5 weeks post op and I am still in allot of pain. is this normal? I have to take a moephin to sleep. thanks in advance. marta

    • Re: questionJoe Marquez, Thu Jul 18 9:10am
      Justin has had to take 400mg of magnesium since he was small. So sorry to hear you're in a lot of pain and need morphine. I wish I knew how often transplant patients were still in pain 5 weeks out. . ... more
      • for joemarta, Mon Sep 30 11:40am
        hi joe, I was wondering how much magnesium your son is on? how much prograf is he on? when was he transplanted? I was transplated june 7th of this year thanks. marta
    • magnesiumbarb thomas, Wed Jul 17 11:24am
      Although my son has not been transplanted his magnesium (sp)runs low also. He does take a supplement but it never reaches normal ranges. Just always slightly lower.
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