Joe Marquez
Re: thanks
Mon Jul 22, 2013 11:02am

I hate that that first year was so rocky. Wonderful to read he is back to work and all activities and weaning meds down! Maybe in awhile he can even get those draws down to every 3 months or so.

Mindy. . .I will always be grateful to you for your role with making the foundation an oasis of support in the desert of a rare disease when I was frightened with my baby Justin. Now that baby is so tall, substantial and busting boards with his tae kwon do forms and schooling us all with his Donald Trump moves in Monopoly.

Here's wishing years of smooth sailing for Brett!

- Joe

  • thanksmindy, Sat Jul 20 8:57pm
    Thanks Joe, Remember those daily emails of panic? He had such a hard first year post transplant.... between the weekly paras, CMV, prograf toxicity, too many hospital stays it was really hard. I am... more
    • Re: thanks — Joe Marquez, Mon Jul 22 11:02am
      • joemindy, Thu Jul 25 3:33pm
        Thank you. pretty unbelievable that I remember when justin was a baby. We've come a long way!!!
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