Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:15pm

How's Marta? anyone hear from her?

  • for joeMARTA, Mon Jul 22 5:02pm
    hi joe, what dosage of magensuim is your son on? I am on 1000 ng a day which is an overkill for me. I have been on magnesium on and off since 2006 and it does not change the low level of magnesium in ... more
    • Re: for joeJoe Marquez, Thu Aug 1 9:10am
      Marta. . so sorry to hear about the collapsed lung and all the pain! Praying it for lots of healing and for things to getter better! Justin has been on 400 mg of magnesium (200mg twice a day) for six ... more
      • joemarta, Thu Aug 1 5:58pm
        joe, did josh ever get a collapsed lung on one side. they tell me it is common after a majury surgery. they want me to wallk but how can I walk when I am in pain and tired all the time.the good thing ... more
        • Re: joeJoe Marquez, Fri Aug 2 12:45pm
          I don't remember my kiddo ever having lung problems. Thank God the collapse is partial! You're probably going to be exhausted a lot as your body recovers from this major major surgery. And. . .the... more
    • marta — mindy, Mon Jul 29 8:15pm
      • for mindaymarta, Wed Jul 31 12:41pm
        hi minday, I am bulding up strength. I am in a lot of pain. yesterday we took out my feeding tube for good cause I don't have citrullinemia anymore.i have a collapased lung on my left hand side. they ... more
        • Re: for mindaymindy, Wed Jul 31 7:51pm
          I am sorry that you are having pain. I know it felt strange for brett thAT after 30 years no more urea cycle but you will get used to that. You are a strong woman!
          • for mindymarta, Thu Aug 1 5:47pm
            mindy, so you mean he was 30 when he was transplted. dod he have citrullinemia like me? I had citrullinemia for 44 years.
            • martamindy, Thu Aug 1 7:42pm
              Yes Marta, He had his transplant almost 2 years ago at the age of 30 He had arginase deficiency and was on a very restricted diet, Now he love bagels and cream cheese!
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