Re: for minday
Wed Jul 31, 2013 7:51pm

I am sorry that you are having pain. I know it felt strange for brett thAT after 30 years no more urea cycle but you will get used to that. You are a strong woman!

  • for mindaymarta, Wed Jul 31 12:41pm
    hi minday, I am bulding up strength. I am in a lot of pain. yesterday we took out my feeding tube for good cause I don't have citrullinemia anymore.i have a collapased lung on my left hand side. they ... more
    • Re: for minday — mindy, Wed Jul 31 7:51pm
      • for mindymarta, Thu Aug 1 5:47pm
        mindy, so you mean he was 30 when he was transplted. dod he have citrullinemia like me? I had citrullinemia for 44 years.
        • martamindy, Thu Aug 1 7:42pm
          Yes Marta, He had his transplant almost 2 years ago at the age of 30 He had arginase deficiency and was on a very restricted diet, Now he love bagels and cream cheese!
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