Joe Marquez
Re: joe
Fri Aug 2, 2013 12:45pm

I don't remember my kiddo ever having lung problems. Thank God the collapse is partial! You're probably going to be exhausted a lot as your body recovers from this major major surgery. And. . .the pain meds will make you tired too. Try to push yourself and endure what you can as I would think getting you walking will help keep your lungs from getting worse. I really feel for you! Keep saying. . this too shall pass. It won't always be like this. Your body will heal. It's just going to take a bunch of patience right now!

  • joemarta, Thu Aug 1 5:58pm
    joe, did josh ever get a collapsed lung on one side. they tell me it is common after a majury surgery. they want me to wallk but how can I walk when I am in pain and tired all the time.the good thing ... more
    • Re: joe — Joe Marquez, Fri Aug 2 12:45pm
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