Patricia V Davis
Tue Oct 1, 2013 3:38am

This is really random but I felt this group would understand how I felt. My daughter is four years post transplant and now has a very healthy appetite. I made a shepherds pie the other week and it felt wrong on so so many levels. Firstly, I didn't weigh out the mneat. Second, I added milk and cheese to the mashed potato and finally when it came to serve, I didn't weigh out my daughter's portion or use a calculator to work out her protein content. I know I can do this now without worrying but at the back of my head something is still telling me this is wrong and I feel a sense of guilt.

    • post TX guilteileen, Thu Oct 10 6:33pm
      oh boy can we relate. Sometimes I think of it as post traumatic stress disorder. For a critical period of time the most important thing in our worlds was to deny them those foods and that does not go ... more
      • post transplantelien, Sat Oct 19 11:27am
        elien, I agree with what you say . I was conditioned to eat low protein diet for 44 years. I am only 4 months out. it is strange retraining my brain to being able to eat what I want now. I can never... more
    • RE:RandomKaren Worley, Wed Oct 2 3:10pm
      Hi Patricia, I had to chuckle when I read your post. Our gran daughter is almost 15 and is on the waiting list. The said they expect it to happen in a months time or so. Every night at supper time as ... more
    • patriciamarta, Wed Oct 2 10:56am
      paricia, I am almost 4 months post transplant and I don't weight out my protein anymore since I don't have citrullinemia. how come you weight out your daughter's protein's? have you considered... more
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