post TX guilt
Thu Oct 10, 2013 6:33pm

oh boy can we relate. Sometimes I think of it as post traumatic stress disorder. For a critical period of time the most important thing in our worlds was to deny them those foods and that does not go away easily. We set our minds to accepting that this would be the way it is for the rest of their lives. Now, we're 15 years out and I still remember my family crying and cheering while Jared ate his first pureed chicken baby food. And I asked several MDs at that time if we shouldn't check his ammonia a few more times. They laughed. It wasn't long before Jared was telling people that he was a carnivore like T Rex. I still smile and thank our donor when he devours meat, eggs, cheese, and milk by the gallon. And now in the teen years, that happens in mass quantities! :) Eileen

  • RandomPatricia V Davis, Tue Oct 1 3:38am
    This is really random but I felt this group would understand how I felt. My daughter is four years post transplant and now has a very healthy appetite. I made a shepherds pie the other week and it... more
    • post TX guilt — eileen, Thu Oct 10 6:33pm
      • post transplantelien, Sat Oct 19 11:27am
        elien, I agree with what you say . I was conditioned to eat low protein diet for 44 years. I am only 4 months out. it is strange retraining my brain to being able to eat what I want now. I can never... more
    • RE:RandomKaren Worley, Wed Oct 2 3:10pm
      Hi Patricia, I had to chuckle when I read your post. Our gran daughter is almost 15 and is on the waiting list. The said they expect it to happen in a months time or so. Every night at supper time as ... more
    • patriciamarta, Wed Oct 2 10:56am
      paricia, I am almost 4 months post transplant and I don't weight out my protein anymore since I don't have citrullinemia. how come you weight out your daughter's protein's? have you considered... more
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