gettinng use to new diet after transplant
Fri Nov 1, 2013 3:11pm

hi there I was wondering if anyone out there has a child that had a liver transplant to resolve citrullinemia like me that is having trouble getting use to not having to be on a low protein diet. I was transplanted on june the 7th of this year so I am almost 5 month post transplant. I tend to eat like I still have citrullinemia. my parents have to give me a mango protein drink to make sure I get 50 grams of protein like the liver dr wants me to get through out the day cause I don't get that by just food since my appetite is poor and nothing tastes good except eggs. any ideas or thoughts? I would greatly apriciate it. thanks. marta

    • martamindy, Wed Nov 20 1:39pm
      Brett loves bagels and cream cheese and cheese. also chicken nuggets. He also loves eating more than 8 french fries!
      • for mindymarta, Fri Nov 22 10:49am
        mindy, everything that I liked and had a taste for before transplant I lost my taste for so I don't eat much. when was brett transplanted? I was transplanted on june 7th 2013. I am thankful for to... more
        • martamindy, Sun Nov 24 5:25am
          dear marta, brett was transplanted over 2 years aga. his first year was very tough as he was hospitalized many many times. The second year has been wonderful with no problems. brett loves to eat. of... more
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