Joe Marquez
Re: 6th month aniversary
Mon Dec 9, 2013 9:17am

We're so happy for you too Marta! You'll get used to those protein food that give you sustained energy throughout the day!
Merry Christmas!

- Joe

  • 6th month aniversarymarta, Sat Dec 7 10:45am
    today is my 6th month anniversary. I am greatful to the donor family for their unselfish decision to donate their loved ones oregans. I would still struggling with citrullinemia if it were not for... more
    • Re: 6th month aniversary — Joe Marquez, Mon Dec 9 9:17am
    • 6th month anniversaryKaren Worley, Sat Dec 7 10:13pm
      So happy for you Marta! Merry Christmas! Your New Year will be like non before!
      • for karenmarta, Mon Dec 9 9:21am
        Karen, thank you. merry Christmas and happy new year to you and your family. when were you transplated? what ure cycle disorder did you have. marta
        • Merry ChristmasKaren Worley, Mon Dec 9 1:04pm
          Thanks Marta. Our granddaughter Destiney, who is now 15, has citrullinemia and is on the wait list for her transplant. Karen
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