Joe Marquez
Re: Destineys gift
Mon Dec 23, 2013 9:14am

God bless you Karen and your precious Destiney. My goodness y'all have had to go through the wringer on this!! What a fighter for all these years and now as they get her gift of life optimally established in her. Praying hard for more miraculous healing for Destiney and more strength for you and the family. I so desperately can't wait to hear she is done with surgeries and is on the path to improvement and the good life without the torment of the urea cycle disorder.

Lots of love,
Joe and Michelle and Justin (tx Jan 2001), David and Tyler

  • Destineys giftKaren Worley, Sun Dec 22 10:25am
    I just wanted to let you all know that Destiney has received her gift of life. She was originally transplanted 1 week ago today. The surgery went perfect. Upon moving to PICU she started to crash and ... more
    • DestineyEileen, Mon Dec 30 6:53pm
      Karen, Please let us know how things are going. What a fighter you have! We wish you a Happy, Healthy New Year.
      • DestineyKaren Worley, Tue Dec 31 9:36am
        Hi Eileen, At the moment we are outside the OR waiting for the 7th time of her being on there. The plan was to get a biopsy, wash out and hopefully partial close if the swelling is down enough and... more
        • Destineyeileen, Wed Jan 1 12:50pm
          Karen, it sounds like you also have done remarkably well given what's come your way - I wish all of the parents who visit this site a happy and healthy new year. We do what we must for these amazing... more
        • martakaren, Wed Jan 1 10:26am
          is you daughter waiting to be tranplanted
          • DestineyKaren Worley, Wed Jan 1 2:44pm
            Hi Marta, Destiney had her first transplant December 15th. Unfortunately she was in the 3% that it just did not work out for no known reason. Then they had to remove it because it was literally... more
    • Re: Destineys gift — Joe Marquez, Mon Dec 23 9:14am
      • for joemarta, Tue Dec 24 2:45pm
        that is so good to hear that another urea cycle patient was transplanted. how 0ld is destiney? when was she transplanted. I wish her a happy recovery
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