Wed Jan 1, 2014 12:50pm

Karen, it sounds like you also have done remarkably well given what's come your way - I wish all of the parents who visit this site a happy and healthy new year.
We do what we must for these amazing kids.
I hope that each day is a forward step for your family now.
Prayers with you, Eileen

  • DestineyKaren Worley, Tue Dec 31 9:36am
    Hi Eileen, At the moment we are outside the OR waiting for the 7th time of her being on there. The plan was to get a biopsy, wash out and hopefully partial close if the swelling is down enough and... more
    • Destiney — eileen, Wed Jan 1 12:50pm
    • martakaren, Wed Jan 1 10:26am
      is you daughter waiting to be tranplanted
      • DestineyKaren Worley, Wed Jan 1 2:44pm
        Hi Marta, Destiney had her first transplant December 15th. Unfortunately she was in the 3% that it just did not work out for no known reason. Then they had to remove it because it was literally... more
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