for joe
Sat Jun 21, 2014 1:15pm

joe, what anti seziuer medicine is Justin on? I am on Topamax. I have been on 25 mg for 4 days and so far although to early seems to work. the nerulogist over the next 4 weeks is working me up to 100 mg. I notice I get a little dizzy from the medicine but better dizzy then laying in bed in the dark away from light and noise which both borther me a lot. I am not traumatized by noise like the dishwasher, washing masching etc. I am on rampamnune also and have been for two months cause I thought prograf was the cause of my headaches but that was not the case because they got worse not better when I was off the prograff. marta

  • seizure medicine - migrainesJoe Marquez, Fri Jun 20 9:25am
    Justin takes a seizure medicine. I wonder if he would have had the migraines without it. Justin used to have rejection episodes with Prograf but hasn't since his main immunosuppresent has been... more
    • for joe — marta, Sat Jun 21 1:15pm
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