tranplanted 20 months ago
Tue Apr 14, 2015 9:57am

Hi there i am marta i was transplanted 20 months ago cause my type 1 citullinemia got so out of control that every time we travled by by car or plane i would get reaĺly sick with high ammonia. My mom new when ammonia was up cause i would have kind of spacy look on my face and real sleepy and hard to keep awake. I took a trio back home to italy 2 years ago and all went down hill from there. I lost my battle to cittrullinemia at 44 cause it caused me to be extremly sick in the hopital every week. My liver among many things on the report that came back saying my liver had cirross. I have gone through counsling for the loss i feel for citrullinemia i had my whole life and that has not really helped cause i did not like the cousler and i cant find one that will take my insurance. Does anybody have a tranplanted citullinmia type 1 child that needed cousling after transplant?

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