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Breaux Greer
Spoken from experience
Sun Jun 8, 2014 09:22

Date Fri Sep 24, 2010 17:16

I have no idea how my simple black and white message confused you. I speak with my on field experience of 15 plus years and FACTS.
Genetically: tall, fast, long limbs, amazing tie in for muscles, etc...basically the exact definition of genetics. Yes, he is built like Pitkamki...guess what? With a slight few exceptions, this is a prototype. Yes, I could go down a laundry list of greatness at 6'3" plus that are built similar.
LIST for you: Zelezny(exception...6ft...195 at times. So 1 1/2" shorter) Parviainen, Makarov, Hecht, Gatsioudis, Thork, Pitk, Backley, Greer, Vadims V. All, 6'3 ish powerful, long arms, similar build at best. Throwing styles different but genetic builds similar. Also, for your information....I have throw against Zelezny many times and have beat him a few. He is not as small as people think he was. He may have not weighed too much but he was all muscle with giant legs! I will attach some photos at bottom for your pleasure. Dude, I look small against some of these guys and I am 6'2 1/2" and compete at 205-215.
I am not sure about the "Consistently stuck" comment, must be someone else. However, yes...he does just I agree with whoever said that. That is proven in medals no matter the distance achieved. Tailwinds? Dude, if you can throw, you can throw in anything. Just a simple statement like that makes me wonder about your message alone.
Pitkamaki in 2007, that freaky man could have. If you were on the field and felt the power just standing there...yes. He threw them a mile high and they still went 90 plus. If he kept one low, sh:t man...I couldn't imagine how far it would have gone. I could have taught him how to in 15 minutes. If Raymond Hecht knew this...the same thing! It is always different watching on TV or sitting in the crowd because you can't see the miss direction of power like we can on field.
Staying healthy, interpretation? This means not getting hurt, at all. I don't think I will ever understand your confusion here.
I really feel like this is wasting time that I will never get back but I feel like I must respond to your message so javelin throwers will get the facts.
Flight from US to Europe....5 hours? Do you think everyone lives in NY and lands at hotel door? your "5hr " flight to Europe is at average 7-8 hours to airport. This means it takes about 10-11 hours until you check into room if all goes as planned. I have been on trips to Doha that have taken 28 hours by the time I got in. Also, don't forget I have been to Europe and thrown 90 plus before as well so to come over and do this 1 time means jack shit(not to take any success away from Thork). The hard part is staying away from your home for 2 plus months. How do you not understand that as an American the option to go home doesn't exsist for 2 plus months at times. If you do go home, you lose ranking, and big cash at meets..then you have to deal with flying losing a day, gaining a day, jet lag, etc. Going from hotel to hotel, leaving your entire life, trying to find places to train, eat, live, no coach because they have to get back to family or job. I could also leave a long list here for you. Why? There is no money in the US for throwing so we must travel in discomfort.
You say Thork, Ptk, Zelezny, Raty won when they were hurt? That is great but you missed the point again. A little injury here and there is easy to deal with, however...most injured that take jav throwers out of medal count are not just hamstring pulls or sore vagina's. Chronic tendons, really...we are men, not babies. Torn rotator cuffs, etc is what I speak of. However, even if someone had a slipped disc and someone didn't...who do you think will win? Ok, easy answer right? Well, I thought but somehow this too wasn't clear enough either.
Garry, I could write about your message for days but I really should stop since it is wasting time that I will never get back. I did want to respond since you clearly aimed that at me on a chat forum, instead of emailing me your concerns. I write this from experience not from a sideline. I tried to write this message basic for understanding. For you readers, my last message is black and white from experience and also a bit of training with Thork. He is the only javelin thrower I speak with on a consistent basis for about 5 years. Please also remember, I am different.......I keep thing simple and clear.

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