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Breaux Greer - Warm up
Mon Jun 9, 2014 16:19

Breaux Greer - Warm up - Sun Jul 15, 2007 17:40

It is very important for throwers to travel with a weighted ball(I carry an 800g and 1k). You find yourself in situations where there is no warm up field and warm up on the track might be cut short for TV purposes. Usually we get called an hour before the comp to the 1st call room, the 15 min later final call room, then you get escorted on the field and you are out for 30-35 you want your legs warm before going out. Most meets will let you stab javs for about 15 min...then runway throws open up for about 15 min. In that time you need to strap shoes on, get runway mark down, and get in a line of 9-12 other jav throwers to warm up. My point is time management is very important....and that is where the weighted balls become very handy. You want to have the shoulder warm before you go out. Ok, people know all of this already so here is usually how the meets go.
Me and Thork usually jog and stretch together...about 20-30 min worth....then we try to find a few javs to warm up on an outside track if there is a field(big meets have them)for about 15 min. We do this before call room. Tero is much like Zelezny in his warm up. Not much jogging..not much throwing. Just goes out there and bangs em out. He has some ridiculous power right now. I am sure he does this to keep the shoulder tighter for the meet. It makes lots of sense to me. In my best meets I have very limited warm up time...which gives the same effect.

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