Roald Bradstock
The importance of sound in training and coaching...
Mon Apr 25, 2016 20:11

Roald Bradstock
The importance of sound in training and coaching...
Wed May 28, 2014 12:04

Okay this may "sound" strange but does anyone - coach or athlete - pay attention and/or use sound as a training, coaching or motivational tool?

I have coached people in the dark, in the fog or even just turned my back, so I can't see the throw, to demonstrate the information that sounds can tell me about a throw.
With a good throw you should hear a gradual acceleration of the feet, a slight pause before the feet land in the throwing postion, the block foot should "slap" down, the back foot should scrape the floor, a "grunt" (not yell) coming from the body tensing and then releasinig the javelin and then the final sound will be a "Twang" from the javelin leaving the finger tips.
The noise level, length of sound and the pitch and tone can reveal alot about what you did right and wrong during your throw: acceleration, rthymn, speed, position, power, torque.

When I throw med balls and weighted and non weighted balls against a wall I had some really good workouts when I just focused on the sound I could generate from the ball hitting the the wall. Not being focused on distance I could focus on the "feel" of the throw and then connect that with the sound I made. When I could get into a good rythmn and good position I could generate a great "impact sound" which was helpful and motivatinig.

On Monday I finished up my workout with 100 racketball throws. Even being a ancient 52 years old now I got into a really good rthymn and was ripping the hell out of the ball: Take a look and "listen" to my last 10 throws:


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