Hanging left leg
Tue May 8, 2018 08:33


Subject Hanging left leg
Date Thu Apr 26, 2012

You are correct..you need to be fast from final right to plant. If not, the upper body will move ahead of the lower body which is very bad throwing position.

I believe it is more important to focus on getting the right hip through while the upper body is still back. Withoug the active right hip, you lose very important positions. (sorry, I'll get long-winded here,so just stop reading and go practice this if you want....get the hip through while upper body still back)

Like David S says, this starts with the penultimate step. A strong penultimate step gives you a "float" where 2 things happen. 1). Again, like David says, your plant recovers to in front so it can get down quickly so you're in double-leg support for the throw. 2). During that float, you should be thinking about how quickly that right hip can catch up to and pass the left hip while the shoulders and the javelin are still back (different people propose different things to accomplish this....soft step, think left-to-left, think punch the right hip, etc.).

The reason you end up high and move over the block is most likely because you're not smacking that right hip to create the stretch across the torso/chest needed for good throws.

I'd advise breaking it down to 3-step throws, then progress to 5-step only after you have it down. Don't think far throw in these drills, but think quick hip and strong left-side plant...gradually working on good flights as you go. Work the strong penultimate until it's a habit (ie. push off the left to float into the final right-left). Then think strong plant and quick hip. Without the strong left-side plant, this can't work either.

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