Javelin Ratings
Fri Jul 6, 2018 08:49

Eric Hambidge
i'll try and answer this
Sun Jun 20, 2010 08:26

The ratings these days are an indication of how stiff the javelin is. 90 meters are super stiff, while 50 meters have a lot of flex to them. A young or inexperienced athlete that doesn't have a good release, i.e. throw through the point should use a lower rated (50 or 60) so that the javelin will bend instead of their elbow receiving the force. But, if an athlete has a nice release and throws through the point then they can handle a higher rated javelin without hurting themselves. For example, I only through 55 meters (pr 57.75) but I've always had an extremely good release and throw through the point, and I was given a Nordic Airglider, with a 95 meter rating, for free and I do fine with it. In 5 years of throwing it I've never had elbow or arm problems.

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