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From the TU article
Tue Apr 21, 2009 1:54am

The message is the same as with the Grand Canyon Trust, (although they have a new board of directors today, the group's still following their agenda).

Below are the keywords for the TU leaders, this is what they're about and what your problems are really about, 'cause it's definitely not about the fish or the environment. The heaviest of the heavies want your area Are you a UN World Heritage site? Possibly?

UN World Heritage sites are beautiful, but they are really about energy, oil, natural gas, water, diamonds, gold, coal,uranium, this list goes on and on. They are resource rich!!!

These are the bad guys that I see over and over, or with different people/names, representing the same interests:

World's biggest investment bankers: Blackstone Group, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs

Trilateral Commission

Federal Reserve Bank

United Nations


Real estate investment firms

Law firm representing heavy hitting energy giants

Law firm representing: Chief of Staff to the President, Senate Majority Leader, Secretary of State, members of Congress, Federal Aviation Administrator, Director under the Dept. of Treasury, Supreme Court Chief of Staff

Council on Foreign Relations: They above gov people, or their very close staff, are always the ones who are members of the CFR.

Law firm just above also lobbyist for PacifiCorp and has global warfare company, Dept of Defense, Homeland Security, surveillance, BAE, UK, on, on.

PacifiCorp: "one of the lowest-cost electricity producers in the United States", and a whole slew of others, Enron, Global Crossing, etc. They want us to have nuke or wind energy now. Wind energy is needed for the Global Weather Control System which was just in the news last week as our new Prez says we need it.

Ground Zero rebuilder

Investment banker for US, Europe, Israel. Owns AOL, funded startups for Apple Computer and Office Depot.

MidFirst Bank: one of nation's largest privately held banks.

Private equity firm specializing in management buyouts.

Hawaii cold storage and distributor of frozen and refrigerated foods (fish?).

Burger King, David Bonderman (one of world's biggest buyout giants/corporate takeover/developer/miner, oil companies, ketchup, motorcycles, on, on), Grand Canyon Trust & Wilderness Society.

Walt Disney

Asia Pacific Investment

The below are interesting comments from 2005 in light of today's events and since past Treasury Secy Paulsen also came from GS:

"many former partners of Goldman Sachs have gone on to hold prominent public positions", including Secretary of Treasury Robert Rubin, U.S. Senator Jon Corzine, and New York Stock Exchange CEO John Thain, according to Wikipedia. Forbes says their assets in 2004 totaled $531.38 billion.

"biggest trader of energy derivatives. At that time Goldman's Global Investment Research released a report predicting a "super-spike" in oil markets with surges "as high as $105 a barrel".

It's just part of their Big Plan which we are seeing laid out in perfect detail everywhere. Each of these players from 2005 put America exactly where she is today, and their monetary interests, greed, power are the only things they care about.

  • TU article still onlineToni Thayer, Mon Apr 20 11:03pm
    I found one of my Trout Unlimited articles still online, written, I believe, in the summer of 2005. Trout Unlimited (TU) was originally started in 1959 near Grayling, Mich. by 16 fishermen who were... more
    • Interesting stuff; interesting "players...."Buster Keester, Tue Apr 21 9:06am
      players like Credit Suisse and their financing of "high roller resorts" in Montana, Idaho, and Utah.... check out earlier postings made around February-March 2009 Interesting that Pacific Power does... more
      • "Players" in today's news!!!!......Buster Keester, Wed Apr 22 9:31am
        as Credit Suisse and others work things out in Montana: Ah the high rolling life.....
        • Nice bunchToni Thayer, Wed Apr 22 5:04pm
          Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of folks! This is the kind of development I was wondering about in the Klamath area.
          • Turnin Lemons into LEMONADE....Buster Keester, Thu Apr 23 9:40am
            what a difference a year makes: They are laughing all the way to the bank..... hey, waitaminute, they ARE the... more
      • Pondering if Hydropower is "renewable...."Buster Keester, Tue Apr 21 9:48am
        a couple of recent articles: The beat goes... more
    • From the TU article — Toni, Tue Apr 21 1:54am
    • Hmmm . . .Toni Thayer, Mon Apr 20 11:43pm
      Doing some looking. What counties are involved in your Klamath issue, both Oregon and California ones?
      • countiesKBC, Tue Apr 21 9:49am
        Klamath, Siskiyou and Modoc. Klamath County is at the table again. The county took the commissioner off the table because he was involved in secret negotiations he was not allowed to share with his... more
        • Re: countiesnunyabidness, Sun Apr 26 2:12pm
          Siskiyou County is "at the table" on the Agreement in Principle. They want to assure that robust, credible scientific study is done on the human and environmental impacts of potential dam removal. At ... more
          • Re: counties76631, Tue Apr 28 8:40am
            Just a thought void of any research: Would dam removal and the resultant sediment spew be in violation of the Clean Water Act?
            • Re: counties76631, Wed Apr 29 4:05pm
              But alas, "they" only follow the laws that they want to, as "they" are the law. That is the base line problem isn't it?
          • Why??Toni, Mon Apr 27 7:55pm
            Why haven't the County's recommendations been addressed?
        • PurchasesToni Thayer, Tue Apr 21 11:50am
          Interesting . . . I'm gonna look at the county records (hopefully, they are online) to see who is buying up property there.
      • Nevermind, but new questionsToni, Tue Apr 21 12:57am
        Oops, nevermind on the request for counties . . . they're on the Privileged "Secret" List. Is this a geographic area that builds weather that moves into other states? Have these "stakeholders"... more
        • Re: Nevermind, but new questionsnunyabidness, Sun Apr 26 2:14pm
          Many of the homes around Copco are now for sale, but no one is buying. PacificPower owns the land under the reservoirs and much of the adjacent flood plain.
        • response to stakeholder questionsKBC, Tue Apr 21 10:11am
          It's the Klamath River watershed Stakeholders have been identified but have not publicly stated why they are involved. Regarding big developers, not that we can see. However The Nature Conservancy... more
          • WaltonToni Thayer, Tue Apr 21 2:50pm
            I wondered about Sam Walton. He is actually Sam Walton Jr, who, along with his siblings, inherited Wal-Mart and Costco. He's the grandson of the founder. He moved to Flagstaff around 1999-2000 and... more
    • EnergyToni, Mon Apr 20 11:13pm
      After reading this article again for the first time in a loooonggg time, I'm reminded that I've always intuitively "felt" that the real issue with Klamath centers around energy, not water rights.... more
      • stakeholdersKBC, Tue Apr 21 10:17am
        PacifiCorp is at the negotiation table. A large off project group encompassing 150,000 acres is denied being at the negotiation tables because they oppose dam removal and the KBRA as written; they... more
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