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What if, what if
Mon Mar 23, 2015 11:38am

What if one of the most sought after mineral in the world came in a class of elements called Rare Earths? What if our military and high tech sources could not operate without it? What if we had to get it from our enemies? What if it was found in some Pacific North West rivers and maybe some basins? What lengths would some go to control that resource? What if dam removal would greatly ease the extraction process?

Just a question?

look up: The Principal Rare Earth Elements Deposits of the ... - the USGS

"since the discovery of the giant Olympic Dam deposit in South Australia in the 1980s. The Olympic Dam deposit is unusual in that it contains large amounts of rare earth elements and uranium. An eco-nomic method for recovering rare earth elements from these deposits has not yet been found. Many other deposits of this type have been identified around the world, but information on their rare earth elements content is generally lacking. Trace amounts of rare earth elements have also been identified in magnetite-apatite replacement deposits."

Find out for yourselves what Rare Earths are. All you would have to do is just stir up a number of green and history fanatics and they would clear the land scape for you.

    • Maybe that's whyComieKnocker, Mon Mar 23 2:01pm
      GPS is all messed up in the Tulelake area? Truckers who rely on GPS for pickup and deliveries get lost because GPS doesn't really work here. Physical addresses are not where they are GPS'd to be... more
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