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Now and then and now
Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:10am
Lincoln once said in essence that we will never see a foreign army cross the Ohio River, yet our nationís greater threat will come from within.

The end is now in sight for Eastern Oregonís private landowners and public land users. They call it an agreement yet in reality it is just another loss in the battle of attrition which is being waged against the productive aspect of this nation. That being the productive aspect which actually pays the rich salaries, benefits and retirement for those public sector employees who are dedicated (either knowingly or naively) to the demise of the greatest nation the world has ever known.

Like the Quincy Library agreement, the Trout Creek Agreement, the Owyhee Initiative etc. promises too often are nothing more that bait. Whatís going to happen to refuge farming in 2016 which the Comprehensive Conservation Plan is completed? Like the Endangered Species Act the 1997 Refuge Protection Act and the CCP will simply be superior by nature of law; superior to anything but congressional clean up and the drafting of new law. There are Too Many who would not favor the constitutional rights of United States Citizens over things wild and innocuous though.

As our need for power, fiber, minerals, food etc, and the living wage unskilled jobs which come form those vital economic activities ever increases Too Many are working feverish to make sure that we fall short of meeting our basic needs. We are forced to look more and more to foreign sources to meet our domestic and security needs while our enemies increase there harassing patrols on both East and West coasts. We are incrementally placing ourselves under siege.

Do you think for a moment that our enemies will cherish our environment and cultural resources? Or?

Meanwhile down in Tulelake segregation camp internees and their prodigy continue their incursion into the current usage and freedom of those who now legally occupy the former WWII security driven site.

Because of declining values, morality, reason and perception within our nation we could never again win a major war. It is too hard to fight external threats when Too Many of those within are happily bent on societal suicide. In reality what is taking place will eventually make the tragedy caused by a misguided and crazed co-pilot seem almost insignificant - if that is even imaginable.

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