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Squirrel Harbor
Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:32am

Property rights in the Basin not only fall inferior to nature but private property rights also fall to the private politics of political correctness on the national level:
I wonder if there were any torture devices, sword used for decapitation, records of torture, starvation, forced labor and prostitution, surgical instruments used for vivisection (dissection of live U.S. military personal to the point of death) etc. etc. etc. etc. included in the privately owned collection. NO, probably not as you would have to go to Axis sources to gain facts and artifacts as such.

What does this current adversary want from Tulelake, CA? On page 5 of the 7/28/2014 Modoc County Superior Count endorsed filing case #: CV-14-104, among other things outside of public interest, rights and security the request/plan is admitted to; “Expansion of the landmark status (of the WWII Segregation Camp) to include the entire site is under consideration.” That’s over 4,000 acres by the way.
This has been quite torturous to those who live in the area.

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