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Finnious T Fogbottom
That is correct
Sat Apr 16, 2016 9:48am

Dan Keppen is high-up in the Family Farm Alliance.

  • SOMEONE ELSE’S CHOICE = YOUR SACRAFICEFinnious T Fogbottom, Tue Apr 12 11:43am
    Over the past 25 years over 800 dams of various sizes have been destroyed in our nation alone. That is a bit scary since one of the big differences between first and third world countries is found in ... more
    • That is correct — Finnious T Fogbottom, Sat Apr 16 9:48am
      • It is a war of Nature against HumanityFinnious T fogbottom, Mon Apr 18 12:09pm
        Does this look familiar? It is dated just a little while before the Klamath Water Theft of 2001. more
        • March 2017 is a coming up fast......Buster Keester, Mon Apr 18 6:58pm
          and its not too early to start a plannin for the BIG 20 event for this annual celebration: It yust don't git no better... more
          • Here's a jewell in their dam crownFinnious T fogbottom, Wed Apr 20 11:21am
   Is Hardy the 7th Gruune of the Order of Anarchism?
            • Dr. HordyFinnious T Bottom, Wed Apr 20 2:47pm
              The best agenda driven science that tax payer $ can buy is what helps to elevate the jewell to a terrifying level of power. People like Dr. Hardy can truly be a force of good or evil. It hasn't... more
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