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Finnious T fogbottom
It is a war of Nature against Humanity
Mon Apr 18, 2016 12:09pm

Does this look familiar? It is dated just a little while before the Klamath Water Theft of 2001.

Once the system is in place then one finds a terrible problem that the system will resolve.

It is a system, a network.

It is a big network.

And dam removal is one of their most effective weapons.

What is truly a receipt for mass suicide, driven by those who seem to wish for massive genocide to save the earth, will sound so right to those who just want to be part of something good.

What is outlined below was all well and good until the anti-humanity, anti-capitalism, anti-American warriors didn't get their way. Then they showed their despotic nature and just did it their way anyway. It was probably their intended path from the beginning that when all else failed they would simply move ahead to “change” things regardless of dissent, no matter how legal or legitimate; "The proposed Klamath Basin Watershed Conference is the forum for change":

“Klamath Basin Watershed Conference
November 7-9, 2006
Holiday Inn -Redding, California
Sustainable Watersheds Bring Sustainable Communities

Basin-wide watershed conferences have been held in the Klamath River Watershed for nearly ten years. In 2001 and 2004, large-scale Watershed Conferences were successfully held in Arcata, CA and Klamath Falls, OR respectively to increase basin-wide collaboration by bringing together the different entities to discuss unresolved questions about what the problems and solutions are in the Klamath Basin. These conferences brought diverse communities together, focusing on what we know while encouraging change where possible. In addition, these conferences acknowledged existing accomplishments and built upon them by encouraging broader awareness and participation from stakeholders throughout the basin.

Since the Klamath Basin Water Crisis of 2001, there have been a series of discussion-based meetings throughout the watershed from the headwaters of the Williamson and Sprague Rivers in Oregon to the mouth of the Klamath River in Klamath, California. These stakeholder meetings have brought together a diverse group of people including farmers and ranchers, tribal members, commercial fishermen, environmental groups, government employees, county commissioners and congressional representatives. Working together on issues surrounding water rights, watershed restoration, water quality, tribal rights, commercial fishing regulations, fish habitat, and water allocation and flows, participants have expressed the crucial need to reach consensus.

Recent decisions surrounding the selective closure of commercial salmon fisheries off the Klamath coast and total in-river sportfish closure will have widespread impacts on economics throughout the basin that will, again, induce social complications amongst stakeholders. The key to aiding this long-term problem is to solve the water management conflicts in the Klamath River basin. The solutions are multi-faceted and long term and include numerous state and federal agencies, complicated economic interests, twelve sub-watershed, ten counties, four tribes, two states and tens of thousands of vested stakeholders.

In an effort to continue planning for solutions, we plan to host the 2006 Klamath Basin Watershed Conference: on November 7-9, 2006 in Redding, California. The event, open to all stakeholders, will integrate what we know about our unique watershed and what we know about communication, conflict and communities with past knowledge presented at other conferences (2001 and 2004). Tribal and sub-basin committees will be invited to report and display needs, successes and creative approaches to restoration in their regions with the intent to collaborate with others in the watershed. Ultimately, participants will be coming together to create visions for resolving water issues that would facilitate restoration and sustainability of the river and all the communities involved. The existence of a movement to sustainability would allow for external funding to penetrate the basin to help us work towards solutions.

The conference will consist of three themed sessions. These sessions will be: 1.) We Are One Basin, 2.) Progress in the Basin, and 3.) Moving Towards Sustainability. The anticipated 250 attendees will participate in group sessions, panel discussions and interactive activities led by a facilitator/moderator. Cultural and science displays with an integrated vision will be also exhibited.

Support for the 2006 Klamath Watershed Conference is diverse. Supporters and funding range from academic (Oregon State University, Humboldt State University, Oregon Institute of Technology) to governmental (US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, NRCS, Tribes etc.) to economic (Pacific Coast Federation of Fisherman’s Association etc.) to social (NGO’s,) to resources (RCD’s, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Watershed Councils).

The 2006 Klamath Basin Watershed Conference is needed to move forward with basin-wide solutions. The work that is being done needs to be shared with others, and gaps that need to be identified and acted upon. The proposed Klamath Basin Watershed Conference is the forum for change.”

Are you feeling short changed yet?

  • That is correctFinnious T Fogbottom, Sat Apr 16 9:48am
    Dan Keppen is high-up in the Family Farm Alliance.
    • It is a war of Nature against Humanity — Finnious T fogbottom, Mon Apr 18 12:09pm
      • March 2017 is a coming up fast......Buster Keester, Mon Apr 18 6:58pm
        and its not too early to start a plannin for the BIG 20 event for this annual celebration: It yust don't git no better... more
        • Here's a jewell in their dam crownFinnious T fogbottom, Wed Apr 20 11:21am
 Is Hardy the 7th Gruune of the Order of Anarchism?
          • Dr. HordyFinnious T Bottom, Wed Apr 20 2:47pm
            The best agenda driven science that tax payer $ can buy is what helps to elevate the jewell to a terrifying level of power. People like Dr. Hardy can truly be a force of good or evil. It hasn't... more
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