Finnious T Bottom
Dr. Hordy
Wed Apr 20, 2016 2:47pm

The best agenda driven science that tax payer $ can buy is what helps to elevate the jewell to a terrifying level of power. People like Dr. Hardy can truly be a force of good or evil. It hasn't looked too good so far.

Yes she is all in with the UN.

Looks like she was getting things done there as well without inconvenient congressional approval: “This was the first time that a Secretarial Order has been used to change a name…” She took care of a politically correct deadlock all right!

And the transfer of U.S. property to the UN as a World Heritage Site is nice.

Quite a politically correct revolution that seems to be going on. But don't worry, the jewell is all about rights without wrongs. Maybe this isn't part of an insurgency aimed at the overthrow of our nation of the people to be replaced with a UN centered Green dictatorship. Here is hoping that this is simply part of a Great Leap Backwards. Progressiveness has not moved freedom and rights ahead much over the past 50 years or so.
Best regards regardless,

  • Here's a jewell in their dam crownFinnious T fogbottom, Wed Apr 20 11:21am Is Hardy the 7th Gruune of the Order of Anarchism?
    • Dr. Hordy — Finnious T Bottom, Wed Apr 20 2:47pm
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