Finnious T Fogbottom
Yes, and faking fraking fragility
Tue May 3, 2016 11:48am

Jewell is a real gem! And she has started making it all right and corrected by creating a new politically correct sustainaNazi Green Marxist food crazy army:

Maybe they can then understand why we need more ozone yet ozone is bad:

There are probably some KBRA type courses as well that could teach them how to do what they want regardless of what the citizenry wants or (thinks?) they need. Power to Soviet councils!

The above referenced article also shows how prostituted science can be used to get rid of hydraulic oil extraction via fracturing if all else legal and constitutional fails.

Speaking of fake science, the UN and other gems:

Yes, I hope it is only coincidental that we seem to be in the process of becoming weakened from within which increases the probability of being overrun by our enemies from the outside. It doesn't look good though to see the build up of the strength and aggressiveness of our enemies as our own work diligently to take out our ability to produce enery, food and defensive materials.

All the while an alternate form of governance slithers into place. Control the water, control the food, control the people without the inconvenience of the burdens of representative government. It's already in place in the Klamath Basin:

And points nearby:

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    • Yes, and faking fraking fragility — Finnious T Fogbottom, Tue May 3 11:48am
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