This is the way it looked then
Mon Aug 22, 2016 3:32pm

and guess where we are going now? Yes, the Klamath Constitutional Coup is currently in full gallows swing. So if you think Klamath RINO's are going to allow something as inconvenient as an advisory vote to get in the way of their depraved plans you may be missing something just as obvious as it is important! Well, obvious to some...

  • More Crapo from Mike AKA the Owyhee InitiaveBeersense, Mon Aug 8 4:02pm
    Yes, the ongoing spread of Greenunism is, well, ongoing. With consensus and STAKEHOLDER collaboration the producers of economic vitality are handicapped, wealth isnít created, jobs are lost, the... more
    • This is the way it looked then — Beersense, Mon Aug 22 3:32pm
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