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Vickie Buchanan
Re: And I'm just glad the nagging worked! LOL
Tue Sep 15, 2009 2:02pm

About the book: This is our second book, and is about the migration of the Monarch Butterfly. The story is mine, the photographs are Roy's and one other photographer's, the technical design is by a friend who is the wife of the other photographer. They are both friends from high school that we have kept in touch with. Our first book was about the ghost town Bodie, California, located in the High Sierras. The Bodie book was accepted by a traditional royalty publisher, but we have found that they priced the book much too high, then raised the price after that! They have a contract for producing it, so all we could do is buy a bunch of them so we could sell them at a price we felt was more fair. Because of that, we decided to self-publish the second book. Either way, the marketing is largely up to the author. We can sell the books for $15 each plus $2 postage if they are mailed. Now I have to get out and pound the pavement and get them into gift shops and book stores. Both books are about Calif. State Parks, so there's the first market. If you would like more info I would be happy to get your phone call: 951-688-5962. It's been a fun adventure.

  • And I'm just glad the nagging worked! LOLBarb , Tue Sep 15 1:03pm
    Now, to get a bit of that dialog going, please tell us more about that book I heard about on Facebook and wish I could see sooner rather than later! I know from posts there how proud your family... more
    • Re: And I'm just glad the nagging worked! LOL — Vickie Buchanan, Tue Sep 15 2:02pm
      • Great to see you here, Vickie!Karen, Tue Sep 15 10:10pm
        Welcome to the BFMB! I do hope you will continue posting. It is great to hear about your family & what you have been doing with your life. The books sound great. Will look forward to hearing more... more
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