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Delores Washetko
Yes, still doing okay at this ripe age ~
Thu Aug 4, 2016 7:36am

we returned from Portugal and Spain Tuesday after a 2 week vacation ~ now we could really use a vacation! We had someone take care of our property so this return I found my flowers just vibrant with color and nothing dead like former years. We harvested peas and beans, tomatoes and zucchini. Boretsch is doing the best with the small purple edible flowers. The leaves I cook like spinach ~ good for one! The pumpkins are still in the process, as well as some zucchinis. Our garden in 2 patches is rather small.
Our trip to Northern Spain, Santiago de Compostela was celebrating holy week (the Pope declares once in 25 years). There was much security and very little festivity that was comfortable for us. We did see the crypt of St. James ~ the cathedral inside was practically all gold from Spains earlier heyday! Igor speaks Spanish so we got along quite well ~ Porto, Portugal is famous for its port wine. We spent 4 days there at this beautiful old town hugging the Duono River, and even got a cruise for a whole day on the river. In Spain we visited 3 cities with a rental car, mostly we headed for the beaches to cool off, Spains weather was over 100 most of the time, but where we were it was tolerable with some breeze off the Atlantic. I'm on facebook just friend me if you would like to see some of my pictures on timeline.

  • I hope everyone is OK. (nm)Carole, Tue Jul 19 1:54pm
    • Yes, still doing okay at this ripe age ~ — Delores Washetko, Thu Aug 4 7:36am
    • All good here!Kristi, Wed Jul 20 8:24am
      We've been really busy at work and with BBQ comps. I do check in here everyday, but don't post much. Hope all is well with you!
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