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You're right Delores...
Wed Oct 26, 2016 8:53am

It is getting very slim in the posting here, and I'm just as guilty as everyone else!
Here we go...
We've been busy too! Our BBQ season ended on a disappointing showing in Grand Junction, CO, placing and overall 32 out of 49 teams. Oh well, onto next season! First one up is the National Western Stock Show event here in Denver... in January. It could be 60 or it could be a blizzard. You never know. It snowed all day on Friday last time and the high on Saturday was 24F!
We decided to do another pig roast at the office again this year. We'd taken a couple of years off, and last year it was just for the employees and their families. We're going big again this year, inviting everyone in our industry. Everybody from our vendors, to construction people, to engineers, to city employees. We even invite our competitors!! The last big one we had was in 2012, and we had over 200 people show up! I don't know if we'll have that many this year, but it will still be a lot! Tom and I cooked all last weekend, and will do so again this weekend in preparation. Stuff that can be made and frozen, and just heated up the day of the event.
My biggest news in the last few weeks is my youngest daughter, Erin, who lives on the big island of Hawaii, is pregnant! I'm gonna be a GRANDMA!! I'm so excited for her and Stefan, and can't wait to meet my new grand-baby! I fully intend on being there for his/her arrival! She's just finished up the first trimester, and thankfully the nausea has decreased significantly! She's working full time (teaching 4th grade), and she just started her on-line masters program. She said she'll probably take a semester off after the baby is born, but then she'll be up and running again in the fall.
Halloween is pretty lacking around our house. We never get any trick-or-treaters, so it consists of dressing up at the office. I intend to this year too, but will keep it a secret until then! *wink*
That's about it for now. Work is steady, not crazy busy, but most always have something to work on. I'll try to be better about posting....

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