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I gave up on posting because I felt as if I was writing to
Thu Oct 27, 2016 8:05pm

myself. It's good to hear from Delores and Kristi. How is Karen? I haven't seen anything about her for a long time.

There isn't much new in Adelia Beckel Obermeyer's family, as far as I know.

We've had a beautiful fall here in Kansas. It's been dry enough that farmers are working on their fall harvesting and planting. We had a wet Aug. and Sept. Everything was green and lush. We haven't had a killing frost yet. The only downside to things is that the leaves on some of the trees are dull and brown rather than pretty fall colors. Maybe lots of rain causes that.

Is this your first grandbaby, Kristi? It's a life changing experience. Nothing is like being a grandparent. Our grandkids are 5, 13, and almost 16. That means Adam has his first truck. Luke started kindergarten and I call Lauren "our Miss Teenage Oklahoma."

Gary just finished restoring an antique tractor for a customer. My flowers were beautiful this year. We're eating a fall crop of lettuce and spinach from the garden and the tomatoes are still producing. I'm waiting anxiously for my bell peppers to turn yellow. It may not happen before frost.

Have good times with your fall activities, ladies. We'll go to a church wiener roast in a pretty location on a member's acreage Sunday night. We all bring candy for the kids. They have a fun evening playing games.

  • You're right Delores...Kristi, Wed Oct 26 8:53am
    It is getting very slim in the posting here, and I'm just as guilty as everyone else! Here we go... We've been busy too! Our BBQ season ended on a disappointing showing in Grand Junction, CO, placing ... more
    • I gave up on posting because I felt as if I was writing to — Carole, Thu Oct 27 8:05pm
      • Carorle, don't give up the ship!Delores Washetko, Fri Oct 28 6:11am
        I know the feeling, and like Kristi I'm also guilty of not keeping up this BFMB. One thing about FB, people put pictures on of what they are doing, and of themselves so one can see their friends to... more
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