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Delores Washetko
Carorle, don't give up the ship!
Fri Oct 28, 2016 6:11am

I know the feeling, and like Kristi I'm also guilty of not keeping up this BFMB. One thing about FB, people put pictures on of what they are doing, and of themselves so one can see their friends to keep up with them. Since Barbara is gone, there are no pictures of people or what is going on. That picture thing on this board I never did get it figured out no matter how many times Barbara instructed me. Nothing like that comes easy for me at this age. I know Carole you gave me your email address, now when I'm trying to find it ~ where is it?? I've become somewhat disorganized as the years pass, and my husband is totally disorganized in the home so I have to take care of that part too. I put my email address up above, if you can send me a few pictures of yourselves and your activities ~ I would feel much more part of it i guess. I do see Kristi and daughter Erin on FB ~ I congratulated Erin but not sure I did for Grandmommy Kristi ~ it truly is a wonderful experience, first to have a lovely daughter, then grandchildren too. I feel so blessed and know you all feel the same.
Carole, I wonder if you have any contact with Roger Diekmann? He and brother bought 1/2 of the old Beckel farm, where I lived about 13 years. He recently got in touch with me through FB. I found out he is a 4th cousin on my mother's side, and Uncle Milt Beckel and Aunt Hilda (he would be Hilda's nephew), he informed me I'm related to almost everybody in that area of KS (a surprise to me!) He is very active in heritage, reunions, and so forth in the Herington, Woodbine and vicinities areas in KS. He is finding school chums all over the USA that I've long forgotten about. Quite frankly, I could not picture your relation to the Beckel's until he sent me a picture from Grandma Sadie's funeral, with names such as Adelia Beckel Obermeyer and others. He has been teacher and professor all over KS, and seems to like keeping people together and tuned in. He even knows my friend here in Germany, Johnette Scott, who lived in White City her early years. She is a teacher, about to retire, at Ramstein AF Base. A little something to ponder over!
Cousin Karen I see posting on FB often, more than me actually. She makes comments now and then as well.
It's really a busy time for me, I try to take care of so many things around here ~ last Wed. I scrambled getting everything done on renewing passport, then things weren't going right. As a result, my BP went skyrocketing, then on Thurs. it went way below normal making me dizzy and faintlike when we went to the colorful Mosel to relax a bit. That scared me ~ now today again UP 169/94 68pulse I might not manage a folksmarch tomorrow, Johnette thought she might be coming down with the flu too, although she had the flu shot the day before, maybe just a reaction but she stayed home from work today just the same. Here I've been bragging how very normal my BP has been in the past 3-4 years despite how I might feel at times. The older age syndrome!

  • myself. It's good to hear from Delores and Kristi. How is Karen? I haven't seen anything about her for a long time. There isn't much new in Adelia Beckel Obermeyer's family, as far as I know. We've... more
    • Carorle, don't give up the ship! — Delores Washetko, Fri Oct 28 6:11am
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