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We were in Junction City last week and drove home on the
Wed Nov 9, 2016 7:40pm

Lyons Creek Road which winds through the hills from south of Junction City to Woodbine. We found the cemetery where Sarah Beckel Schultz and her husband, William are buried. I don't have my Beckel history here with me but I think Aunt Sarah was the oldest of Sadie's daughters. One of Aunt Sarah's sons, Leslie Schultz and his wife, Fannie, are buried in the same line of graves. Les's daughter, Ila Jo Schultz Norris, is buried between the two couples. There is a large cedar tree close to the graves. We drove up a steep hill on a rock road and at the top was Mt. Zion Cemetery. It's small and maybe half-filled with graves. There's a hedge row on the north side. On the south is a farmstead. There were clucking chickens and a braying donkey keeping us company. Otherwise it was a peaceful hilltop. It's a typical little country cemetery, well kept up by the caretaker.

    • Mt Zion Cemeteryamy shippy Elson, Sat Nov 12 6:27pm
      Carol, I found your article about the Mt. Zion Cemetery interesting. It used to be by the big Mt. Zion Baptist Church when I was young. It was Sarah Schultz family church and when I was young Charles ... more
      • about a church there. I wondered what Aunt Sarah's connection to the cemetery would have been. Am I right in assuming that they lived somewhere in the area by the church? My memories of Aunt Sarah... more
        • Remembrances of Aunt SarahDelores Washetko, Sat Nov 19 4:10am
          Having been born in Junction City, I was totally unaware of Aunt Sarah at that cemetery. I was already in L.A. when she passed, I guess. I had visited very often Aunt Sarah and Norma, Clarence too... more
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