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amy shippy Elson
Mt Zion Cemetery
Sat Nov 12, 2016 6:27pm

Carol, I found your article about the Mt. Zion Cemetery interesting. It used to be by the big Mt. Zion Baptist Church when I was young. It was Sarah Schultz family church and when I was young Charles Shippy family attended there also. Norma Schultz sang many solos in that church as she had a beautiful voice. Norma Schultz was married to Ronald Baker in that church in 1954. There was a parsonage by the church. I wonder if it was the present farmstead.
As a child I went to several summer Bible School classes in that church. Yes, Sarah was the first child of Adolph Beckel and a granddaughter of Katharina and Johannes Beckel. My Dad was their first grandchild. He remembered Sarah very fondly and would talk about her as they grew up together.

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    • Mt Zion Cemetery — amy shippy Elson, Sat Nov 12 6:27pm
      • about a church there. I wondered what Aunt Sarah's connection to the cemetery would have been. Am I right in assuming that they lived somewhere in the area by the church? My memories of Aunt Sarah... more
        • Remembrances of Aunt SarahDelores Washetko, Sat Nov 19 4:10am
          Having been born in Junction City, I was totally unaware of Aunt Sarah at that cemetery. I was already in L.A. when she passed, I guess. I had visited very often Aunt Sarah and Norma, Clarence too... more
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