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Thank you, Amy, for this information. I hadn't thought
Sat Nov 12, 2016 8:33pm

about a church there. I wondered what Aunt Sarah's connection to the cemetery would have been. Am I right in assuming that they lived somewhere in the area by the church?

My memories of Aunt Sarah begin when she lived in Hope. Her daughter, Gen, and husband Franklin Rhoerhman had a lumberyard and hardware store. They had a large variety of things in the store. I remember baking dishes so there must have been kitchen items. They had one daughter. Aunt Sarah was a sweet lady. She attended the Baptist church in Hope. I believe that Norma Baker's family was musical. She and Ron had sons, maybe four of them. I think they sang together when they were growing up. They lived in Salina. Les and Fanny who are buried in Mt. Zion cemetery lived on a farm west of Woodbine. Later they moved to Hope to run the telephone office. Remember the old switch boards and party lines in the 50's? The telephone office was at the front of the building and in back of it was an apartment for the family.

My favorite memory of Aunt Sarah was when she came to the Obermeyer-Beckel-Shippy reunions. She, Gen, and Franklin went to church which must have been a longer or later service than some. They were usually the last ones to arrive. The reunions back then were held at the Herington Fairgrounds in a former Army barracks building. The building was long and narrow. Aunt Sarah would start on one side of the room, greeting each of us with a kiss on the cheek. When you're a kid, waiting for that kiss when you really wanted to be eating all the delicious food lined up on the tables, wasn't the greatest thing. There were a plenty of us to kiss back then. Now I'd enjoy hearing Aunt Sarah's voice and getting one of those kisses.

Thank you for reminding me of some good old days.

  • Mt Zion Cemeteryamy shippy Elson, Sat Nov 12 6:27pm
    Carol, I found your article about the Mt. Zion Cemetery interesting. It used to be by the big Mt. Zion Baptist Church when I was young. It was Sarah Schultz family church and when I was young Charles ... more
    • Thank you, Amy, for this information. I hadn't thought — Carole, Sat Nov 12 8:33pm
      • Remembrances of Aunt SarahDelores Washetko, Sat Nov 19 4:10am
        Having been born in Junction City, I was totally unaware of Aunt Sarah at that cemetery. I was already in L.A. when she passed, I guess. I had visited very often Aunt Sarah and Norma, Clarence too... more
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