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Delores Washetko
Remembrances of Aunt Sarah
Sat Nov 19, 2016 4:10am

Having been born in Junction City, I was totally unaware of Aunt Sarah at that cemetery. I was already in L.A. when she passed, I guess. I had visited very often Aunt Sarah and Norma, Clarence too was there. Obviously, much love generated from them. Aunt Sarah was so personable and loving, also made those wonderful crisscross p-nut butter cookies! She always took an interest in me, she being warm and friendly person. Clarence was a tease, so I remember chasing him around the house. Norma and I spent hours at the piano singing songs, she was very good, and again gave me a feeling of love. I understand Norma was at a Woodbine reunion recently (August). This I found out from Roger Diekmann, he had given her a copy of my remarks on school years in Woodbine. He said, she was very pleased to have it. Norma isn't one to communicate much, but she did meet up with me in 1994 when I took Kristina on a USA tour to visit different relatives and friends.
Wishing the Beckel clan a very "Happy Thanksgiving!"

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